A highly motivated and skilled workforce is the key to our success. Borna University employs over 50 staff across our campuses in Badakhshan. We manage and develop individuals with diverse educational and professional backgrounds- all passionate about creating a lasting impact in Afghanistan. If you are looking for an opportunity, Borna University is your ideal working environment. At Borna University, we attract Afghanistan’s top talent, aspiring to the highest level of professionalism. 

  • Individuals seeking employment with Borna University submit their cover letter+resume/CV to


A member of Borna's recruiting team will review all the applications, identifying candidates who meet the required criteria and qualifications of a posted position.
Shortlisted candidates will be contacted by a member of the recruiting team for an initial screen. The screen may be conducted via electronic questionnaire, phone discussion, or a face-to-face meeting. The screen must be completed in order for a candidate to be considered for a job opportunity.
Based on the results of the initial screen, a candidate may be invited to interview. A member of the recruiting team will contact the candidate(s) to make the necessary arrangements. Candidates will be asked to provide information specific to their professional and educational experiences.
The hiring team will share and discuss their input and then make their decision. A member of the hiring team will contact the candidate who best meets the requirements for the position, and will extend an offer of employment to the candidate.

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Badakhshan Afghanistan

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