• How can students transfer themselves from other Universities to Borna University?

Students from other universities can transfer themselves with holding respective semesters’ transcripts (pass), letter of agreement for the transfer and other relevant documents with the transfer time.


  • How to rejoin the semester?

You can rejoin within two weeks at the start of each semester. Follow the steps below.

  • Turn in a rejoin application to the Program Coordinator
  • After he signs it, submit it to the Admission Office
  • Pay your monthly fee and join the class

Note: Should you need any further information, contact the Head of the department.


  • How to skip a semester?

If you get engaged in personal work or travel for a business, it is better to skip the semester. Follow the following three-step process

  • Write a skipping application to the Head of department
  • Get signed approval
  • Turn it in to the Admission Office


  • What degrees do Borna offer?

Borna offers Bachelor of Business Administrations and Bachelor of law and political Science.


  • Can I apply any time I want?

 All the condidates just can apply tow times a year, March and August


  • Who can use Borna Library?

All Borna Students can use Borna Library.


  • Where is the University’s Address?

Borna University

Opposite to Buzkashi Field, New city, Fayzabad, Badakhshan, Afghanistan


  • What programs does Borna University offer?

Borna Offers Bachelor programs for now.


  • Is Borna University registered with MoHE?

Borna was started under the Afghan Registration Act. The institute was registered on June 17, 2013 with the AISA and the Ministry of Higher Education.

In July-August 2013, the Institute began its academic work with the admission of its BBA  and LLB / Political Science in the month of August 2014

Address: New city, Fayzabd

Badakhshan Afghanistan

Phone Number : +93706131020


Email: :


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