Bachelor of Business Administration


With the Bachelor of Business Administration, particular emphasis is placed upon the knowledge and analytical skills required in business, with the focus on international management and global issues. Building on core knowledge of business issues, the program aims to enhance the student’s personal development, team working and presentation skills. We believe that the real basis for management is experience. We will expose you to theories of management and case studies of companies, and give you the opportunity to work on specific management problems. Organizations must compete in a global marketplace and their activities cross borders and cultures.


Career prospects

When studying for a BBA, you can expect career opportunities in the following areas: Human Resource Management, Marketing, Social Entrepreneurship, Retail Management, Public Sector Administration, Advertising Management, Digital Marketing, Project Management and Contracts Management.


Program content

First & Second Semester

Students will follow introductory courses in four key subject themes of Accountancy and Finance, Economics and Management. In addition, students will take Business Skills and Critical Writing.


Third & Fourth Semester

The key areas of management are studied and explored in greater depth through Marketing, Human Resource Management, Operations Management, Commercial Law and Organisational Behaviour courses. These are complemented by Quantitative Methods as well as Accountancy and Finance options.


Fifth & Sixth Semester

As student knowledge and skills grow, the emphasis switches to international issues through the study of Strategic Management, Project Management and Innovation Management. Further studies in Marketing and Accountancy and Finance options are also available.


Seventh & Eighth Semester

Students develop their own interests further by undertaking a business related dissertation of their choice, supported by studies in International and Contemporary Issues in relevant Marketing, Human Resources and Management areas.



Why study Bachelor of Business Administration at BORNA?


  • High quality Afghanistan degree program.
  • Gain a relevant degree that matches industry needs.
  • Develop and enhance your skills.
  • Further your career prospects.


Department of Law & Political Science


Bachelor of Law & Political Science

Program Entry Date

March and August 

Program Requisite

High school graduates


Four Years


Full Time Only


Department of Law and Political Science Overview

The Department of Law and Political Science is the second largest and fastest growing department at Borna University. The Department offers a joint Law and Political Science degree emphasizing a multi-disciplinary learning approach.

The Department’s flagship program - Bachelor of Laws or LL.B. – emphasizes integrated and effective transfer of knowledge in the specialized areas of legislation, constitutional and legal analysis, comparative study of legal systems, theories of political science and international affairs, and introduction to the contemporary research methodologies. There are over 200 students currently enrolled at the Department of Law and Political Science at Borna University.

Program Overview

The Bachelor of Laws or LL.B. is a four year multidisciplinary program. The program promotes a technical and professional discipline nurturing a new generation of Afghan experts.

The Department offers responsive student counseling, ensuring that the students make the right decisions about their careers and academic programs. Successful graduates must complete eight semesters.

Admission Requirements

Prospective students are required to be at least high school graduate. Professional and diploma program graduates (12 grade and above) are highly encouraged to apply. Admission to the bachelor program will be subject to Borna University’s entry exam and interviews with prospective students.

Why study Bachelor of Law & Political Science?

Studying law develops one’s understanding of the levers of power in our society in a way that is even more effective than that of political science. This is because law is directly concerned with power and reaches into every part of life. For that very reason law is extraordinarily important to the way of life of any people.

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Badakhshan Afghanistan

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