Moarif-e-Borna Private School

The Missions and Visions of Moarif-e-Borna Private School



Our Visions:

Having self-sufficient, settled, sustainable and steady Afghanistan through sound able training, effective home and school education from the starter (preschool) up to the end (high school).



Our Missions:

Creating solid, effective and standard education system and study environment for kids, school children and youths according to the national and international levels without favor of race, skin, gender, religion, language and color.


Providing modern education instructional trainings, teachings and learning environment for school kids and youths according to the national culture and Islamic best awareness and rules and regulations.


Our Aims and Targets:

As for as Education and Capacity Building is a part of the third millennium development of Afghanistan, all private and government education units have strong commitment and play the basic and steady roles with the best efforts for the achievement of the their goals and objectives.


Moar-i-Borna Education Institute feels responsible for educating the present generation and has the commitment to achieve the universal and global wishes. Our present and future willing and wishes, desire, aim and goal is to rebuild Afghanistan without corruption, bigotry, schismatism and dissension. By creating such effective education environment for the present and future generation we will have the bright, peaceful and civilized Afghanistan.


By developing effective home education, school education, teaching and training of the generation according to the Islamic culture and faith we will be able to develop our country and change our destinies from bad to best which is our main goal and ambitious.


Feeling patriotically, humanitarianism, accepting each other, equality and prosperity can take place only through if we have effective and solid education with strong planning. Moar-e- Borna School Teachers play excellent and vital roles in this mission.



Moarif-e-Borna School curriculum:

Text books for preschool students have been prepared and printed. Preschools students are studying math(learning Number), Pashto Alphabets, Dari Alphabets, Arabic Alphabets, English Alphabets, Drawing, Hand writing and home education (Moral). Subjects for Grade one up to Grade 6 is same as government system but, beside that Moarif-e-Borna School has its own subjects too. Language and computer is part of all classes.



Moarif-e-Borna Weekly School Periods:

Our School time start at 7:30 A.M ends at 12:10 P.M. Each period is 45 minutes. We have two breaks for ten minutes per day. School days are from Saturday till Thursday. Fridays are off and other national and international holidays are according to the Islamic Republic calendar.



Every school you open it means you have closed the door of darkness or prison. (Victor Hugo)



Moarif-e-Borna Private School is registered by IASA and the Ministry of Education of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan for the purpose of standard training and effective education of the present and future generation according to Islamic faith and believes in respect to universal human right with an effective and modern education both at national and international levels.


Admission, children both male and female with the age of 5 and 6 years old for preschool classes, 7 years olds for Grade one classes. Registration for Grade two up to Grade 6 is according to the government rule and Regulation. Students have to provide their documentation (separcha naqli makani). Beside the government teaching curriculum Moarif-e-Borna School would like to teach some supporting subjects such as video clips, computers skill, sports, home education, social moral and English, Pashto and Arabic language from preschool up to Grade sixth.


We thinking about best quality, we train elites in order to establish a civilized society with understanding of the value of humanity and other differences of human being. We need the support, assistance of all our people for achieving our goals and objectives.



Moharif-e-Borna Private School starts its Educational Program with Primary level and children with the age of 5 and 6 will be accepted for preschool classes, 7 years olds for grade one classes. Admission is only up to grade 6 in the year of 1395/2016 and the secondary program will be opened for next year 1396/2017. Students have to provide their pervious school documentation for registering themselves at Moarif-e-Borna School. Admission is open. For registering students need 6 photos, copy of ID card and health check.


Feeling patriotically, humanitarianism, accepting each other, equality and prosperity can take place only through if we have effective and solid education with strong planning



We think about qualities, we train elites in order to create a different civilized society with the value and worth for humanity


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